The band was formed in the city of Ternopil in 2006 and originally performed their own songs. However, their popularity came when they were invited to a local TV station to perform live, where they played several songs, among them Katy Perry’s song „Hot n Cold“. The lead singer didn’t speak any English and learned the song from a text transliterated into Ukrainian letters.

The peak of popularity occurred when their version of Hot n Cold was aired on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The video posted on YouTube was viewed more than 3 and a half million times and received generally positive reviews because of its comic value and unusual interpretation. Katy Perry herself described this version of her song as „inspiring.“

During their performances members of the group present themselves as the „boys from the village of Tetylkivtsi“, a real village (population — 636), however, in reality most of the performers come from the city of Ternopil.